Life Below Zero

As we head further into the deep freeze, you may be feeling the cold rush of winter—even inside your home. Is your long, hot shower cut short by cold water? Are there rooms in your house that are unusable due to insufficient heat? Or are you wasting water and energy waiting for hot water to make its way to a second story bathroom?

Valenta Plumbing can help you return to comfort in these cold winter months. Water heaters are a great place to start. New units are energy efficient. depending on the unit they are replacing, they may pay for themselves within a few years. Valenta Plumbing also offers tankless, on-demand type water heaters, so you are not paying to heat water when it’s not Coldbeing used. As well, we offer “instant-on” hot water heaters that mount out of the way, beneath your sink. The moment you turn the faucet handle, hot water is there—no waiting, and no wasted water.

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