From Large New Construction and Remodeling Projects to the Smallest of Repairs, Valenta Plumbing is Your Trusted Plumber

New Construction

As you are designing your new dream home it is the time to consider reliable and efficient plumbing methods and fixtures. Valenta Plumbing can develop a plumbing plan that will provide years of carefree, efficient operation. We can handle all phases of plumbing from planning to rough-in to final installation of fixtures.

Valenta Plumbing carries only the highest quality products like water conserving toilets from Toto and Kohler, and on-demand tankless hot water heaters and boilers from Navien.


If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom you may be surprised to see how far plumbing and fixtures have evolved. Do you want instant hot water to your faucets, shower, and tub? We’ve got a solution. Are you ready to give up your gluttonous five-gallon-per-flush-toilets? We have replacement units that will out flush your old stools on one third the water. Are you running out of hot water—even after replacing your water heater just a few years ago? Maybe it’s time to look at a tankless, high efficiency hot water system from Navien, for endless hot water.