Plumbing Is In Our Blood—As It Has Been For Three Generations


Valenta Plumbing was founded in 1950 when Frank Valenta Senior, purchased the assets of Kubias Plumbing. Frank Valenta Junior joined the new family enterprise—establishing a succession of family ownership that continues to today.

Frank Senior and Frank Junior learned the plumbing trade the hard way—on the job, through hours of hard labor. For their efforts, the company grew to 6 men and 5 trucks, setting up shop in downtown Cedar Rapids at 413 2nd Avenue Southeast, next to the old Papa Juan’s location.

As Frank Valenta Junior’s family grew, as a rite of passage, he introduced his boys, one-by-one to the business. First came Jim, who earned his keep at the end of a push broom. Then came Tom and Ron who took on the less glamorous (but character-building) tasks like lugging iron pipe, digging trenches, and categorizing parts. Over time, all three Valenta brothers advanced their skills, learning the plumbing trade—first as apprentices, then as journeymen.

Today, Valenta Plumbing is still staffed with two Valenta brothers—the third generation of Valenta leadership. Both brothers are Master plumbers, a rank that speaks to their knowledge and experience. Zak Valenta (Tom Valenta’s son), has joined the team—advancing Valenta Plumbing into their fourth generation. The Valenta family is joined by other journeyman plumbers who are the best in the trade.

As other plumbing companies have come and gone over the years, Valenta Plumbing continues to serve families and businesses in eastern Iowa.