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When It Comes To Judging Quality, Our Customers Say It Best

We’re proud of the work we do and our professionals on the Valenta Plumbing team. When it comes to tooting our own horn, we’ll leave that to our satisfied clients.

We had a small leak, in a small crawl space. I was able to get my wife in the crawl space to close the valve. But she wasn’t comfortable fixing it, and I am too big. Enter Jim! He came in, crawled right in there, and in less than an hour, had replaced the saddle valve with a tee. The customer service was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. What a great job, and I give them a full recommendation.
—Tim S.

Great service, prompt and knowledgeable!

These guys are great! Our hot water heater quit, and we had a brand new one running in less than a day last year! Quick and professional all the way! Same story for a new kitchen sink faucet and a tap for a new ice maker! A+ for them!

My name is Linda Christian. You came to my town house to replace a backflow prevention valve in the drain floor in the laundry room. We had torrential rains yesterday that, jn the past, would have flooded the laundry room. I am ecstatic to say the valve worked perfectly and the laundry room stayed dry. I have dealt with the flooding laundry room for over a year, and have spent lots of dollars and many sleepless moments trying to figure out what to do, and how to fix it. I wanted you to know that your efforts have paid off and that the valve worked exactly as it should. I have peace of mind that I have not had for months. Thank you very much!

Thanks for your great service and friendship over the many years. Take care.

Thank you so much for sending out such an experienced man to fix our problem so quickly.
—Tom & Lisa

I just wanted to say that your man did a real nice job of installing my hot water heater and I’m very pleased with it. It looks good, it works good—and you came in $39.00 below what you estimated. Thanks!

Good service! Valenta responded with prompt service and completed the job successfully the first time. No qualms recommending this plumber!

Jim did a great job! Had several projects, never expecting to have them all addressed but he did, everyone of them. Jim has helped me out in the past so I was glad to see that Valenta sent him out this last time. Highly recommend Valenta, especially if you can get Jim.

A big thank-you to the two men who worked on my leaking waste water pipe. Considering where the bad joint was located, I though I would have to patch and paint the wall. Your guys did a fantastic job of replacing the joint and didn’t make a mark on my drywall!

Thank-you for your timely and excellent solution to our plumbing problem in our basement. We could not be happier with the service we received. It was a job well done by a hard working professional.
—Lori and John

I am so impressed with the quality of your work and your friendly representative. He was a delightful young man to have in my home. He did such a thorough job and was very professional in every aspect of the installation. I was surprised and very pleased at how well he cleaned up his work area every evening, even much better than I would have. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience for me and I love the new bathroom!

Thank you Valenta Plumbing! We have had a few unexpected plumbing issues arise during a lengthy remodeling project. One particular day we had a plumbing emergency and Valenta arrived within the hour to solve the problem. They are very competent, prompt, and conscientious. We have had several of their employees in our home over the years and have found them to be very trustworthy. We appreciate their attention to detail, their skill level, and the pride they take in the work they do for their customers.

Thank-you for the fine work! Your man was very professional and competent with his work. We appreciated his good communication with us. He let us know his plan of actions, when the water would be off, when he would show up the next day, etc. We will call you for future needs and will recommend Valenta Plumbing to others.